A Quiet Rise To Stardom

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Paulson Adebo is a young man of few words. Perhaps this simply his nature, yet if one were to ask Adebo himself, he is likely to give a more definitive answer.

"In football, just let your play do your talking," he told reporter Tom Fitzgerald of the San Francisco Chronicle. "If you have to tell people you’re good, you’re probably not that good. It’s not just in sports. The best in their fields don’t talk about themselves.”

All this holds true when you consider that Adebo led the nation in passes defended, and was one of best at his position not named Bryce Love. In a little over two seasons, Adebo has evolved into the Stanford Cardinals defense's most irreplaceable player. Even with this status, Adebo is not one to boast about it, he would rather let his play to the talking for him.

Patience is a trait that has defined him during his time with the Cardinals. As a 4-star prep out of Mansfield, Adebo was more than willing to wait his turn. For most highly ranked prep players, being reshirted could drive one to transfer. Adebo understood it as a necessary part of the process to learn and improve.

“Coming in as a freshman, it’s a lot to handle", he told Fitzgerald, "It’s harder than it looks to come in and play. So I think the redshirt year was definitely needed. It gave me a lot of time to learn from the older guys, like Justin Reid and Quenton Meeks.”

Even in silence, his opposition is starting to learn how loud his actions speak. If the Cardinals are to reach higher heights this upcoming season, Adebo's actions will be key to their success.

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