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2023 Steelers Training Camp Recap - Day 15

It seemed like yesterday that the Steelers were arriving at St. Vincent College. Now, the Steelers have reached their final days of this year's camp, as they took to the field for another practice session. With their next preseason game days away, preparation is key going forward.

The storylines for Day 15 of training camp include a top-performing running back getting a promotion, a defensive lineman that continues to flash, and Jaylen Warren Football!

So Steelers fans, let's go!


Day 15 Highlights And Top Performers

Breiden Fehoko Continues To Stand Out

In the last few sessions, the name Breiden Fehoko has been mentioned, and generally, it involved him blowing up running plays and showing the ways of his physicality. Today was much of the same, as he is making a very strong case for the roster. His ability to stop the run is a huge strength in his overall game.

An Overall Bad Day For The Offense

Based on the reports for today's session, the offense was out of rhythm and seemingly sloppy. During team drills, the defense was the best of them, as was the case in the "seven shots" drill, which the offense somehow managed to win. From the first-team to the third-team offense, it was simply not their day.

Jaylen Warren Football

One of the few positives on offense today was running back Jaylen Warren. Whether he was making blocks in pass protection or gaining yards on the ground, Warren reminded everyone why he is a tremendous asset to the team's offense.

Anthony McFarland Jr. Takes First-Team Reps

One of the top overall performers at this year's camp has been running back Anthony McFarland Jr. Not only did he solidify his spot as the team's No. 3 running back, he earned first-team kick return reps, and he was reportedly splitting reps with starting running back Najee Harris. All in all, McFarland Jr. should be a shoe-in to make the team's active roster.

The Physicality of Mark Robinson

When it comes to delivering big hits, linebacker Mark Robinson has yet to disappoint. In today's session, it was a familiar face who became his latest victim.

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