2021 NFL Draft Prospect - DB Caleb Farley

Player Description

Name: Caleb Farley Position: Defensive Back

College: Virginia Tech Uniform Number: #3

Class: Redshirt Sophomore Height: 6-2

Weight: 207 lbs Projected Round: Late 1st - 3rd round


  • Possesses the long speed needed against receivers on vertical routes

  • Desirable size and length

  • Clean footwork and backpedal

  • Receiver-type hands, which enables him to make big time plays

  • Heightened ball skills on short and immediate routes

  • Improved patience

  • Good instincts and spatial awareness

  • Keen knowledge of opposing WR routes

  • Excellent at shadowing opposing receivers, while giving them little to no room


From a technique standpoint, Farley has a considerable amount of work to do. Firstly, in press coverage, Farley needs to establish a better jam at the line of scrimmage, in order to control the direction of receiver prior to his release. Secondly, he often unaware of how a receiver is attacking his leverage; as a consequence, he is prone to get beaten on double moves, and can get lost in coverage. When shadowing opposing receivers, Farley needs to do a better job turning his head towards the ball to make a play; this starts by knowing when and how to effectively flip his hips. In terms of tackling, Farley's pad level is often too high, which has led to some missed plays in this regard.

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