2020 NFL Draft Profile - WR Denzel Mims

Photo: Matthew Lenix/ Insidethestar.com

Player Description:

Name: Denzel Mims

Position: Wide receiver

College: Baylor

Uniform Number: #5

Class: Senior

Height: 6'3

Weight: 207 lbs


Mims is a long, athletic deep-threat receiver, noted who is as proficient making plays in the boundary as he is on the outside. Exceptional body control and catch radius, Mims has a well-known reputation of making catch with a high degree of difficulty. Possesses high-level speed with the ability to stack opposing defensive backs in a few strides. Excellent ball skills, able to track and make catches in crowded areas in the middle of the field or on the outside. For the most part, Mims is able to win most 50/50 balls, using his size and length with little technique. When it comes to route planning, he does a reasonable job attacking an opposing defenders leverage, and timing his breaks in order to get the right amount of separation.


Mims has a tendency of getting jammed up at the line, which often limits his ability to get the desired separation when getting into his stem. His releases lack some explosiveness and creativity, making him susceptible to getting jammed at the line by opposing defensive backs. As a blocker, Mims does a poor job maintaining the pad level needed to be effective in domain. With a limited route tree, predictability could become an issue with Mims at the next level.

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