2020 NFL Draft Profile - WR CeeDee Lamb

Player Description:

Name: CeeDee Lamb

Position: Wide Receiver

College: Oklahoma

Uniform Number: #2

Class: Junior

Height: 6'2

Weight: 200 lbs


Lamb is a highly-proficient, talented receiver with an incredible overall skill package. Freakish athleticism, Lamb possesses the uncanny ability to contort his body and make catches of high degree of difficulty in the air or in full stride on the ground. To add, he possesses the type of catch radius synonymous with elite-level wide receivers. The paradox of his route running is such that it is simple, but deceptive enough to confuse opposing defensive backs Lamb is excellent at dictating the tempo of his routes to deceive opposing defenders in open space, or to win leverage when covered one-on-one. Possesses soft hands and excellent ball skills, there are very few instances of dropped passes due to his ability to track and extend to make a catch. Capable kick returner, Lamb has excellent vision as an open-field runner.


One of Lamb's notable weaknesses is his releases. In general, his releases are seemingly rudimentary, lacking in variety and speed. Lamb will need to do a better job planning his releases, as well as making them faster and harder. Though he separates well on crossing routes, he does not get the same quality of separation on vertical route; his deep speed in general is questionable. Did not face much press coverage against Big 12 competition, Lamb's ability to win in press situations is also questionable.

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