2020 NFL Draft Profile - TE Jacob Breeland

Photo: Chris Pietsch/AP

Player Description:

Name: Jacob Breeland

Position: Tight End

College: Oregon

Uniform Number: #27

Class: Senior

Height: 6'5

Weight: 250 lbs


Physical, blocking tight end with an excellent offensive upside. Possesses natural receiving hands with proficient ball skills. As a blocker, Breeland does not shy away from physicality when he engages with opposing defenders. Does a quality job of keeping his pad level low and drive with his hips. When targeted, Breeland had good catch radius, able to effectively extend and use his hands to make catches. Versatile enough to be a lineup up almost anywhere on the line of scrimmage, including on the outside. Breeland's speed is reasonably good, but his ability to accelerate in open space is much better.


With a limited route tree, Breeland can be predictable to opposing defenses. His route running lacks fluidity, the exception being when he runs his shallow routes. Needs to improve his balance; when he engages with opposing defenders, he often put a little too much weight forward, resulting in him losing his balance. Possesses average athletic ability which is part of why he is limited in his route running.

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