2020 NFL Draft Profile - TE Brycen Hopkins

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Photo: purduesports.com

Player Description:

Name: Brycen Hopkins

Position: Tight End

College: Purdue

Uniform Number: #89

Class: Senior

Height: 6'5

Weight: 245 lbs


Hopkins is a gifted and athletic tight end, with a tremendous offensive upside. As a Route runner, he is very advanced for his position. He uses the right amount of speed coming off the line, come hard out of his break on shorter and intermediate routes, and is capable of getting adequate separation. Overall in this regard, he is as smooth and fluid a route runner as they come. As a receiver, he had great hands and does a good job of securing the ball after each reception. Possesses excellent catch radius, able to extend and high-point the ball when it comes his direction, As a blocker, he is willing to engage physically and continues to show his improvement in maintaining a low pad level.


For Hopkins, physicality remains a question mark. As a receiver, he has a tendency of getting crowded along the sidelines and in the end zone against defensive backs. As a blocker, his pad level remains a concern and his ability on consistent sustain blocks. Though his drops are few, they generally occur when contested.

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