2020 NFL Draft Profile - RB Zack Moss

Photo: Colter Peterson/Deseret News

Player Description:

Name: Zack Moss

Position: Running back

College: Utah

Uniform Number: #2

Class: Senior

Height: 5'9

Weight: 223 lbs


Moss is a stout and physical runner, who is built to take a heavy workload. When running downhill, Moss uses his field vision and patience effectively to find openings and take advantage of them. With a noted physical style, Moss is unafraid of taking the necessary contact to gain additional yards, something which is excellent at doing. A resilient runner, Moss takes it upon himself to fight for every yard. Taking him down generally requires multiple defenders, as he is proficient breaking tackles. His lateral movement is good enough to make defenders miss, while shifting into open gaps.


In pass protection, he is a willing blocker In pass protection, yet his overall technique is an issue; considerable work is needed in sustaining block using proper hand placement and lateral movement. His physical style makes him susceptible to taking a higher-than-necessary volume of contact, which could affect his long-term durability. Quicker than fast, Moss's does not have the requisite speed to consistently get to the edge; opposing defenders are generally able catch up to him when running towards the outside. Improvement is needed with his route running if he desires to be an asset as a receiver.

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