2021 NFL Draft Profile - RB Travis Etienne Jr.

Updated: Feb 1

Photo: Tigernet.com

Player Description:

Name: Travis Etienne Jr.

Position: Running Back

College: Clemson

Uniform Number: #9

Class: Junior

Height: 5'10

Weight: 210 lbs


Smart, patient runner with excellent vision. Even when given small gaps to worth with, Etienne is crafty enough to find enough room to make positive gains. Though he is not overly physical, he does not shy away from it; one of the best running backs in the nation at getting yards after contact. Displays high-level acceleration when running through open gaps, and is able to increase speed when he reaches the second level. Possesses game-breaking speed, able to outrun defenders in open space. An elusive runner with a traditional running back style, Etienne's possesses deceptive agility. Durable back able to take a heavy workload when necessary.


Ball security still remains a bit of a concern for Etienne, despite the improvements he has made in this area since his freshman year. As a receiver, Etienne is limited in route running and has not shown that he could be relied up to consistently make catches in open space. As a pass blocker, Etienne needs to work on his pad level and his form, as his tendency is to lunge at an opposing defender.

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