2020 NFL Draft Profile - RB D'Andre Swift

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Photo: Kristin M. Bradshaw/UGA

Player Description:

Name: D'Andre Swift

Position: Running Back

College: Georgia

Uniform Number: 7

Class: Junior

Height: 5'9

Weight: 215 lbs


The attribute that best defines D'Andre Swift is his elusiveness. One of the best running backs at making defenders miss, Swift possesses the natural hip flexibility and is able to incorporate it effectively in his running. Despite his smaller frame, Swift is willing to go into the trenches, yet he is the most productive on the outside. Swift is patient and possesses excellent instinct, able to exploit openings when presented. Swift's speed is deceptive, as it is not always visible, but when given an opening, is able to accelerate and outrun opposing defenders. As pass catcher, Swift has made improvements in gaining yards after a catch. As a blocker, he is willing to engage, as he continues to develop in this area.


Swift's tendency to start his direction towards the outside before cutting up the field, makes him predictable and easier for linebackers and edge defenders to track. His blocking is very much a concern, as he has shown to have issues picking up blitzes. Though he is improving as a pass catcher, there are still concerns with his ability to gain meaningful yards after a catch. Despite his speed on the outside, Swift is not overly explosive when running through the middle of a defense, as he tends to delay and find openings.

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