2020 NFL Draft Profile - QB Jordan Love

Updated: Apr 1

Photo: utahstateaggies.com

Player Description:

Name: Jordan Love Position: Quarterback College: Utah State Uniform Number: #10 Class: Junior Height: 6'4 Weight: 225 lbs


Love is an instinctive, mobile quarterback, whose employs an aggressive approach to pushing the ball downfield against opposing defenses. Love possesses natural arm strength, which enables him to complete passes in tight windows with great velocity. An aspect that makes Love unique, is his ability to execute passes of unusual angles. Difficult to sack, Love has a knack of getting the ball out quickly and accurately to his receivers. His mobility enables him to extend plays with legs, and complete passes while in motion. Unafraid to put his body on the line, Love uses his size effectively on short run plays, and is willing to block opposing defenders. Excellent poise in the pocket, Love thrives on stepping up and taking contact in order to complete a pass.


His accuracy on deep balls is not always consistent, as he has a tendency of overthrowing receivers at times, which could be as a result of having his type of arm strength. Needs to employ more pocket patience and read what the defense is presenting before attempting a pass. His field vision has improved, yet there are still concerns with him viewing the entire field while going through his progressions.

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