2020 NFL Draft Profile - OL Trey Adams

Photo: M. Samek, 247Sports

Player Description:

Name: Trey Adams

Position: Left Tackle

College: Washington

Uniform Number: #72

Class: Senior

Height: 6'8

Weight: 318 lbs


Adams is a powerful and stout tackle, who consistently employs proper blocking fundamentals. In pass sets, he is excellent at kicking out quickly out of his stance, and establishing a strong 'sit' as part of his base. When engaging, he maintains a good posture and keeps his leverage at a base. Considering his height, his pad level is where it needs to be; he rarely gets pushed backwards as a result. Possesses excellent awareness, Adams is rarely fooled by stunts inside or outside. In one-on-one situations, he is able to neutralize counter moves using his hands, while maintaining a low base. Aggressive in the right measure, Adams does a great job coming hard out of his stance and using physicality to determine the outcome.


In terms of run blocking, he has the mobility to reach the second level, but often has issues locating his man; this is especially the case on counters, where he has shown some difficulties at pulling and locating. Even with his length, Adams does not always use it his advantage in pass protection. Against high-motor edge rushers, Adams has difficulty keeping pace and can be susceptible to getting beaten around the edge every so often.

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