2020 NFL Draft Profile - LB Patrick Queen

Photo: Hilary Scheinuk/The Advocate

Player Description:

Name: Patrick Queen

Position: Linebacker

College: LSU

Uniform Number: #8

Class: Junior

Height: 6'0

Weight: 229 lbs


Queen is an athletic, versatile defender who improved with each start in 2019. His greatest attribute is his speed and range, which enables him to run down ball carriers from long distances, leading to splash plays in the backfield or from sideline to sideline. Mobile, Queen is capable of covering receivers in short or large areas. As a tackler, Queen is explosive while employing to proper pad level and the ability to finish; overall, he has had few missed tackles. High football IQ, he is very quick to diagnose and get to the right spot before he can be adequately blocked. Queen is excellent at gap tracking and timing his move when necessary.


His lack of experience as a starter is exposed in zone coverage. In these situations, Queen has noted issues with route recognition. Against bigger lineman, Queen has shown that he can be overpowered and in many cases, pushed backwards. In relation to this, he has a tendency of getting stuck on blocks, resulting in some missed plays.

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