2020 NFL Draft Profile - LB Joe Bachie

Photo: Matthew Mitchell/MSU Athletic Communications

Player Description:

Name: Joe Bachie

Position: Linebacker

College: Michigan State

Uniform Number: #35

Class: Senior

Height: 6'2

Weight: 231 lbs


Bachie is a physical, durable, rugged, traditional-type linebacker in the purest form. As a tackler, Bachie is highly productive. His tackling technique is excellent, as he does a good job with his pad level, wrapping and finishing. Strong read-and-react skills, he does a great job of diagnosing the play, and timing his blitzes. Bachie possesses good closing speed when coming downhill to make a play, and is good at controlling it when trying to make a play. In the open field, Bachie does an adequate job at covering short spaces.


A major concern comes when he presented against bigger linemen. Bachie has a tendency of getting stuck on blocks or getting pushed back by offensive linemen when trying to fill a gap. His playing speed overall is average. Though he possesses reasonable downhill speed, the deficiency in speed is evident when trying to pursue from angles. With some limitations athletically, Bachie can be a liability if assigned to cover bigger areas; he is at his best in short spaces.

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