2020 NFL Draft Profile - LB Isaiah Simmons

Photo: Richard Shiro/Associated Press

Player Description:

Name: Isaiah Simmons

Position: Linebacker/Safety

College: Clemson

Uniform Number: #11

Class: r-Junior

Height: 6'4

Weight: 238 lbs


Simmons is a freakishly athletic and instinctive defensive player, whose level of versatility distinguishes him from the majority of the defensive players in class. Omnipresent, Simmons is capable producing at numerous spots on the field; weak side linebacker, edge and strong safety. In coverage, Simmons has exceptional feet and quickness, with fluid hips and ideal ball skills. In these instances, able to shadow opposing receivers, while consistently winning leverage, allowing him to make timely plays on balls coming his direction. Patient in his approach to making plays, Simmons generally plans his attack, ensuring there is little wasted movement on his part. In open space, Simmons is excellent at timing his tackles, while employing the proper pad level. One of his notable attribute is his elite-level speed, which enables him to close in on ball carries and make plays from different angles, as well as in the backfield. Uses his length effectively to stack and shed oncoming blockers.


The one notable concern is in relation to the angles he takes when coming from the linebacker position to make plays. Has shown to be somewhat vulnerable when facing bigger linemen; functional strength in this regard could be an issue. His ability to cover in shallow areas is still a work in progress.

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