2020 NFL Draft Profile - DL Raekwon Davis

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Photo: Alabama Football

Player Description:

Name: Raekwon Davis

Position: Defensive Line

College: Alabama

Uniform Number: #99

Class: Senior

Height: 6'7

Weight: 312 lbs


Davis has an excellent lower body strength considering his height, which makes him difficult for opposing offensive linemen to move. Uses his length effectively to stack and shed oppsing linement. Has the desired instincts to read and react to the ball; knows when to anticipate the play and release when necessary. One of the best interior linemen at taking on double teams, and is rarely pushed back in these instances. Improved hand speed and pass rush techniques. Possesses natural strength, Davis one-on-one is generally a mismatch against opposing offensive linemen.


Choppy and robotic-like movements, Davis seemingly does things at a slower pace. Pad level is very much an issue, as he has the tendency of standing upright when coming off the line; his ability to gain leverage is often compromised because of his pad level. Not overly explosive coming off the line with questionable foot speed. Despite the improvement in his pass rush techniques, Davis is limited in pass rush moves; when his initial move fails, he does not have a plan B.

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