2020 NFL Draft Profile - DE Julian Okwara

Updated: Mar 26

Photo: Tyler James /South Bend Tribune

Player Description:

Name: Julian Okwara

Position: Defensive End/Edge

College: Notre Dame

Uniform Number: #42

Class: Junior

Height: 6'4

Weight: 252 lbs


Okwara is a long, lean, and athletic defender who prides himself in being a consistent presence in opposing backfields. As an outside pass rusher, he possesses good acceleration and bend when running the arc. Rangy and mobile, Okwara is capable of covering in large spaces. His closing speed is his trademark when coming through opposing backfields. There are few instances where quarterbacks or ball carriers in general, are able to outrun him when pursuing from the backside. Quick-twitched, he possesses first-step explosiveness coming out of his stance; opposing tackles generally have issues keeping pace moving laterally.


Hand strength is a visible issue with Okwara; considerable work is needed in overall hand activity in one-on-one situations. Inconsistent with his pad level, Okwara has a tendency of coming his out of his stance; in general, he plays too upright, which makes him susceptible to getting bullied by opposing linemen. In extension, his inability to sink and anchor makes him a liability as an edge-setter. As a pass rusher, he possesses few moves; when his initial pass rush fails, lacks a go-to counter.

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