2020 NFL Draft Profile - DE Alton Robinson

Updated: Sep 28

Photo: Dennis Nett/dnett@syracuse.com

Player Description:

Name: Alton Robinson

Position: Defensive End

College: Syracuse

Uniform Number: #94

Class: Senior

Height: 6'3

Weight: 264 lbs


Raw and athletic pass rusher, who continuously evolved with each game he played. Possesses some pass rush moves and counters, which he is able to execute fluidly. Robinson's first step out of his stance is excellent, able to cover a good about of ground; meanwhile, he consistently employs the proper pad level. When engaging against opposing blockers, he does a terrific job getting underneath or inside their should pads, stacking and shedding. Possesses ideal awareness and reaction skills to anticipate oncoming runners and make plays in the backfield.


Minimal flexibility, Robinson has difficulty establishing a bend when taking an outside angle; as a result, he is often pushed of the arc with little resistance. Aggressiveness is questionable at times, he can be pushed around by smaller, lesser blockers. Has notable problems setting the edge; his anchor does not consistently hold against opposing blockers in run situations. Robinson's overall pass rushing is predictable, as more emphasis is needed in developing usable counters.

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