2020 NFL Draft Profile - DB Ashtyn Davis

Photo: Al Sermeno/ KLC Photos

Player Description:

Name: Ashtyn Davis

Position: Defensive Back

College: California

Uniform Number: #27

Class: Senior

Height: 6'1

Weight: 200 lbs


Davis is a hard-hitting, explosive athlete, who possesses elite level closing speed. Whether he comes downhill or from an angle, Davis has the ability to close the gap quickly on ball carriers and make plays. In open space, he has excellent range and shows no difficulty covering in open areas. Though he does not do much one-on-one coverage, in the few instances he has been able to do so, he displayed a strong backpedal and fluidity in his hips. As a tackler, Davis is physically and very capable of supporting the run. With improved recognition skills, his ball skills have seemingly improved as well, with more room for growth.


While playing at a high tempo, Davis has a tendency of getting reckless, especially when coming downhill to make a hit. With this noted, he needs to play with more control, and be more aware of surroundings in order to avoid hurting himself or his own teammates. In relation to this, he is susceptible to taking bad angles, resulting in missed tackles. As a tackler, he inconsistent at wrapping-up and finishing. His instincts are average at best and is still vulnerable to fakes and reversals. From the free safety spot, his route awareness is not where it should be due to lack of experience.

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